ckBTC and Service Nervous System (SNS) Third-Party Security Assessments by Trail of Bits


Two top Internet Computer features – SNS DAOs and Chain-key Bitcoin (ckBTC) – were recently assessed by Trail of Bits, a leading technical security auditor operating as a center of excellence for blockchain security. No high-severity issues were found.

Please read our Medium blog post to learn all the details! The new reports can be found here, along with a list of all previous third-party audits.

Please note the “exposure analysis” for ckBTC (report):

  • High - 0 issues found
  • Medium - 0 issues found
  • Low - 2 issues found
  • Informational - 2 issues found

Please note the “exposure analysis” for SNS (aggregated from both first and second report):

  • High - 0 issues found
  • Medium - 2 issues found
  • Low - 3 issues found
  • Informational - 6 issues found

Discussion Leads

Happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have. The people at DFINITY who were most involved and can be tagged for questions are @robin-kunzler (Product Security), @lara (SNS), and @THLO (BTC and ckBTC).

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