ckBTC and KYT Compliance

Yo i got an idea.

So this whole discussion is about the risk of tainted BTC entering the ckBTC ecosystem and then an innocent ckBTC getting stuck with tainted BTC when they cash out.

What if the BTC is pooled together, so for example, if there are 100 BTC then if is withrdraw 1BTC, that BTC is made up of 0.01% off all the 100BTC. So that way everyone who withdraws will get like 0.01 of tainted BTC that is just all mixed in.

ckBTC is just a tool for tx, i think KYT is a thing for business or dapps on ICP to do rather than a responsibility of ckBTC.

This was tainted BTC just becomes normalised and excepted by all the users of ckBTC.

Maybe this makes ckBTC less attractive as you guaranteed will receive tainted BTC but so will everybody else so then tainted BTC is more normalised and then less effecting on price.

Maybe this is unpractical as it makes too make BTC network tx/s which is more cost and time and work for the network.

Just a rough idea. i am quite uneducated on KYT tbh.

instead of trying to fight tainted BTC why don’t we accept it and make it a norm for all BTC to be mixed so when anybody withdraws ckBTC for BTC they guaranteed will get a mix all of all BTC that entered and by logic some mixed in tainted BTC.

KYT isn’t the problem it’s how you do KYT

decentralised KYT seems like the best solution and that seems what they are doing so i think it will be fine guy.

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