Changes to NNS; time allowance needed

Can we postpone any NNS adjustment till the following year, 2023​:balloon::100:
We are barely getting familiar with the SNS and there shouldn’t be a rush into NNS. I acknowledge we all have different learning curves but it is clear there is a big confusion on the next step with what we can all agree is crucial.

In government, although most governments don’t follow the structure, there are different bodies that check on each other. Nowadays there is overlapping of those entities as say people on parliament or congress often find themselves instead of keeping the government accountable, they go along with government agendas with fear of not being voted back on. Their mistakes are passed down generations because they worry so much of going back in than doing the job. Which often leads to new campaigns as old promises are not kept.

My initial thoughts is that there shouldn’t be NNS treasury because it’s hard to have checks and balances, but rather have a SNS part of the treasury maybe…I’m still reading and doing my research about the proposals being made

To bring this to perspective, there needs to be more time before the newly suggested NNS modifications are made! That is because, there needs to be enough research and proofs oh how those changes would affect the project in the long term.

If you think you found a solution, hold onto it and keep doing more research because I guarantee you… stop with the need of instant gratification, be patient and allow time to work its Magic. As soon as the new year breaks, then you can continue with your NNS modifications.

This would prevent the community from going around in circles about topics of NNS overlapping.

It has been a great year and the community has taken a milestone into the right direction for humanity. Keep working hard, the future counts on you :pray: