Can't Deploy live

Hi, i ran this code, trying to deploy my canister live: dfx deploy --network ic
However, i am getting this error:

Installing canisters…

Error: Failed while trying to deploy canisters.

Caused by: Failed while trying to deploy canisters.

Failed while trying to install all canisters.

Failed to install wasm module to canister ‘jakesite_backend’.

The replica returned an HTTP Error: Http Error: status 404 Not Found, content type “text/html”, content:

404 Not Found

404 Not Found


Do you have an old canister_ids.json file in your project? It sounds like the canister you’re trying to install your code to was deleted

Yes, i have some deleted, but the ones there are using the correct canister IDs for the backend and frontend of the project - is there somewhere else that i need to update the canister ID?

What would you suggest? create a new frontend and backend canister ?

If it’s not too big of a hassle I suppose creating new canisters is the easiest solution. And with canister creation fee of ~0.1 USD it’s probably cheaper to just create a new one instead of spending 1+ hour debugging