Cannot call canister by principal with dfx

it seems like i can’t call a canister by it’s principal using dfx canister --network ic call <canister_principal>. I’m pretty sure this was possible in earlier versions, why was this feature removed?

OT: The help text says

    <CANISTER_NAME>    Specifies the name of the canister to build. You must specify either a
                       canister name or the --all option

which is the wrong description for the argument.

@AdamS @ericswanson @Severin

EDIT: I had a dumb copy pasta error, in combination with the wrong ARGS description from above this lead me thinking it wasn’t possible, but it is!

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Works for me (dfv v0.11.2) :man_shrugging:

e.g. getting the list of blog posts shared by the community on Papyrs:

dfx canister --network ic call "undmj-fiaaa-aaaan-qaocq-cai" list --query "(record {})"
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