Canisters running slow all of a sudden. Subnet operating at reduced capacity

My Dapp is moving extremely slow all of a sudden. and I’m getting the following errors when I inspect the browser console:

the subnet that my canister is running on is: nl6hn-ja4yw-wvmpy-3z2jx-ymc34-pisx3-3cp5z-3oj4a-qzzny-jbsv3-4qe

I’m also seeing that the finalization rate for the subnet is at about 40% its normal capacity. Does anyone know whats causing this?

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Thanks for reporting this! I don’t understand the problem myself properly, but it has something to do with Motoko GC triggering, which made a canister heartbeat run into the cycles limit. This message is basically the rest of the conclusions. I’m sure Ulan can do a better job of explaining than I if you’re interested.

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