Canister Logging

@dfx-json Thanks for starting this thread.

I propose the following protocol level canister logs available for canister controllers:
Each message that the canister processes, the initiator of each message (ingress message, canister-call, timer, callback, etc…), the caller principal information (canister, or off-chain user, or callback-canister if its a callback), the message argument if there is one (if the canister is receiving a callback, this is the reply that the callee sent back to the canister), and the result (trap, reply, reject) with the information of whether the message rolled back or not.

This is crucial information that will let the controller audit and watch the canister for it’s correctness and make sure that the canister’s current state lines up with the messages processed. This can also help if a canister traps during some message, to know how to fix the canister state. This must come of the protocol since canister messages can trap and roll back the canister’s state.

It can be a rolling minimum 1-GiB space for these logs so the controller can download them either on or off chain. And of course the canister can pay for this space with it’s cycles-balance.

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