Candid rust [dependencies] in Cargo.toml

serde_dhall is a dev dependency of candid. for clarity is it possible to use the whole library dhall-rust? all of the members of the workspace are being pulled in any way. it just helps understand where everything is being pulled from. looks like [workspace] is really popular now. however i worked harder when understanding what is happening with candid by tracking down where serde_dhall is coming from.

dhall-rust/Cargo.toml reads…

cargo-features = [“profile-overrides”]

members = [

serde_dhall is an optional dependency for candid, which is only enabled with feature random. We are not using dhall in any other parts of the crate.

Even though it is considered an optional feature at this point i would love it if “dhall-rust” would be considered for the base manifest file of candid instead of “serde_dhall”. That is for future reference for on boarding new devs.

Looks like dhall-rust is the library used to deploy a nixos instance. It also looks like the maintainer of the project is not ready for any of the other features to be used. It’s considered unstable atm?

From quick glance serder_cbor is the problem.

Quick reference Links

dhall-rust github repo
dhall-rust breakdown is a service for the Rust community.

I don’t understand the question. There is no dhall-rust on serde_dhall is the only external facing crate in that github repo.

That is the point! Extremely confusing for somebody looking at the source code to understand what is going on. If the devs are using the library i suggest a course of action for clarity. I do not have a problem with using that library. Maybe fork it so the library is under I did not see dhall-rust on either. is listed however. From what I can tell it is a member of the github repo that I created link to in one of the previous posts. Now try to spend a few hours on the matter. Repost your last post but with some frustion. :smile:

Just asking for some clarity in the manifest file of the library candid. Candid is a base library of dfinity sdk. So this probably would be a chor: bump task on candid’s issue list? I brought the discussion here before adding more noise to the github repo of candid.

So you understand the devs (from what i can tell) are just exporting serde_dhall at the moment. Their instructions on github repo https://github.comNadrieril/dhall-rust.

serde_dhall = “0.11.0”