Can we somehow achieve or build a canister with a interface bahaving like a classic web server

:Gratitude for the clarification. I comprehend the need for the system message size limit, so now my question is with your statement here:

so this chunking in the HTTP Gateway is a great way to avoid issues here.

Where is the chunking happening in the specific? is it in the dfx tool? where the dfx tool uploads asset files in chunks to the asset canister?

Or is the chunking happening on the ic system level of some sort? if so can you laborate on where exactly the request is being chunked and how those chunks are sent? is it the “edge nodes” that are doing the chunking?

Does it work backwards too? if i need to respond to a http request with a large file will the system automatically chunk it for me? lets say the file is stored on my canister as bytes, if the whole file is 50mb, lets say a user requests the file with a public function update call, should the public function on the canister return with the whole mount of the bytes? or would i need to implement chunking on the canister?

Also if the chunking is on the edge nodes for the http_requests, does the chunking also work when communicating with the system through the standard ic api as is stated in the internet-computer-specification? or would the chunking only work when using the http edge node gateway?

The dfx SDK is able to chunk requests and send them to an asset canister. That canister is programmed to receive chunked files and to respond to http_request calls with chunked responses.

You could implement the same functionality in your own canister, but it won’t be present on all canisters, just the one that we build for you when you designate "type": "asset" for that canister in dfx.json.

Even better news - this code is open source! The code to upload chunked assets lives in ic-agent and the http_request interface lives in ic-utils/src/interfaces/


The canister would have to implement chunking, but hopefully and eventually your CDK will provide a convenient high-level interface for that.

Yes, this chunking we are talking about is a feature of the upcoming HTTP gateway.


This is the best news thank you, good-portunity for the learn of the rust, i am looking for as close to metal as possible here thanks.

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