Can someone be so kind as to create a video tutorial showing us how to send and retrieve Blobs between the front end and the backend?

I’m building an app in which I’d like for users to be able to upload video/image files and later view the files that they’ve uploaded. I’m using Javascript and Motoko. @Gabriel was nice enough to direct me to a full example in github, but the example features:
1.) some notation in Motoko that I’m not familiar with.
2.) the concept of partitioning the file into smaller chunks (which I’m also not so familiar with)
3.) Typescript (the lesser of the three personal inconveniences present in the example)

I’m wondering if @kpeacock could go over sending and retrieving blobs in a future episode of Coding with Kyle. A Javascript example would be preferred but a typescript example would be fine too.


It’s definitely worthwhile - I haven’t taken the time to code up a sample project yet though, so I still need to fully break the problem down for myself before I can teach it properly


great. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. The video tutorials are definitely helpful.

In the meantime, maybe this helps Supported types :: Internet Computer