Can content inside a canister be given canister ids without being a canister?

confusing, i know. I have a little project where i want to mint content. currently you can mint one big content, anything, and asign it to one canister. this canister id is then hashed with the internet identity id as the key.
the problem is whether i mint a whole movie or just a tiny picture, each mint is asigned a whole canister. Im looking for something that can store multiple mint like an nft collection and get the canister id for each of them.
to clarify, what i mint are usually related. i’ll refer to them as collections. for example if we use an anime episode, it contains around 17000 pictures. prefurably i want each picture to be an nft, while everyone of them is contained inside the episode nft. then continue in a loop upward, each episode nft to be contained inside the series nft and each series nft contained within the whole anime nft.

deploying for the first time is what is costly not maintaining.

im looking for advice and fresh thoughts.
The basic essence of what i need are i need nft ids that i can hash with keys(more eficiently) as well as some type of relationship between them.

anybody worked with something similar?