Calling composite query with javascript

i’m using this library in my nodejs application: @dfinity/agent - npm
Whenever I attempt a composite query using the agent from the aforementioned library, it becomes unresponsive, neither failing nor providing any results. Are there any restrictions or limitations on composite query calls from the JavaScript side?

I did investigate this in the Discord, but for anyone here - methods tagged with composite_query ought to work. Using this code:

import {Actor} from '@dfinity/agent';
const actorInterface = idlFactory;
const httpAgent = new HttpAgent({
  host: '',
const canisterId = Principal.fromText('lw5dr-uiaaa-aaaak-ae2za-cai');
const actor = Actor.createActor(actorInterface, { canisterId, agent: httpAgent });

await actor.getArchivedDexTxns(Principal.from('5u2c6-kyaaa-aaaar-qadiq-cai'), 2, 2);

and the IDL from the dashboard, I could make a call to a canister that uses composite queries without issue