Building a Coffee Tracking App on the IC

Hi there,

Our team has been busy over the last few months building a coffee tracking app that uses the IC as a back-end. The purpose of the app is to collect data from coffee farmers in-field, as yields are harvested, and then aggregate this data at each point in the coffee journey. This is part of a broader traceability/insurance project that we have been working on called plural:

The app also has a back-end dashboard which aggregates datasets across coffee farmers, and allows for sensor input as well.

You can find out more here:

We’d welcome any feedback or questions.


Just a couple of points regarding how the application is built for those that are curious:

  1. The app is designed as a PWA and you can find it here:

  2. The front end is in React and runs on Netlify. We manage user log-in via an OTP sent to the user’s phone.

  3. The back-end of the app is on the IC and the data is stored within a canister. Everything in the back-end is written in Rust.

  4. The dashboard is fully on the IC and uses geohashing/geosearch to aggregate data over locations.

  5. There are also endpoints for sensors to upload their data to back-end, and this data can be explored on the dashboard.

You can find the dashboard here: