Build fails if dfx is not run with sudo

i receive the following warning if i don’t run dfx with sudo

WARN: Failed to copy canister candid from ./src/declarations/ledger/ledger.public.did to /Users/moritz/projects/ic/flower-power-dao/fpdao/minting-page/.dfx/ic/canisters/idl/ryjl3-tyaaa-aaaaa-aaaba-cai.did. This may produce errors during the build.

(A long time ago) when I installed dfx for the first time I had issue with permission too on my mac.

I got these fixed by running few chown and chmod in order to run it without sudo (as for npm I guess it’s safer to not use it). Documented these in this thread → Permissions on OSX - #2 by peterparker

Hope it helps a bit.

Happy new year :partying_face:

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