Boundary nodes source code?

I am preparing a talk about the Internet Computer right now, and am stuck a bit explaining how the boundary nodes actually work internally, so I checked, but unless I am mistaken I cannot find boundary-node related code there.

Is the code (custom software and configuration) for the boundary nodes already public?


Now that the IC code dump is more complete, I believe this is the code for the boundary node:

But the testnet in the path confuses me. Maybe @ianblenke can clarify?


Did you ever find the code?

It’s a bit all over the place, but I think one can find the relevant pieces here:

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Hello Joachim, sorry for the delayed response. We have ongoing work under the boundary node decentralization effort, so quite a few things will change in the immediate future.

Please refer only to the following folder

(other parts may end up being merged or deprecated )