Blog: poll the IC with web workers

I just shared a tutorial that displays how to repeatedly calls a function on the IC with web workers - without decreasing dapp frontend performance.

I :heart: web workers, they are so handy. Ping me for questions or idea of improvements!


If you want to skip the reading, I also put together a sample repo :wink:


Thank you, David! Your work inspires me, I also decided to use web workers and could not understand for a while why the actor was not created, I read the comment in your repository and this was the solution to my problem! I don’t use this variable so in my sh script I added:

sed -i'.bak' '/^export const main/s/^/\/\//g' src/declarations/main/index.js

After that, I can import the necessary variables from index.js and the web worker will not break.

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Great to hear that and, really nice sh script :+1:
Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

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