Blog: Migrate canister smart contracts from Motoko to Rust

I migrated 500+ custom asset canisters from Motoko to Rust of Papyrs on mainnet last Friday. Here are the two major things I learned while developing such a migration.

Once again, a big shout-out to everybody who helped here on the forum by answering my dumb newbie Rust questions. You are amazing, thanks so much :pray:.


You’re going the wrong way!

Just kidding! Great article. I’m guessing this goes both ways?


Hahaha could be.

I did not mention it in the article - did already on twitter - but the major reason was the fact that I did not manage to implement certification in my custom asset canister despite my effort. Knowing I could “just” had a look to existing examples - notably NNS-dapp since I know its frontend a bit :wink: - also convinced me I could jump and learn Rust.

The beauty of the IC, being able to switch between programming languages is amazing.