BlendSafe Project Presentation

Hello everyone, we at Deep Ink Ventures would like to introduce you to our multisignature wallet project “Blendsafe”. We have prepared a short, structured presentation for this purpose:

Project Highlights
BlendSafe is a cross-chain multisignature wallet developed on the Internet Computer platform, with a primary focus on ensuring secure and efficient transaction management across diverse blockchain ecosystems. Catering to a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from individuals desiring heightened security measures to corporations in need of sophisticated treasury management solutions, BlendSafe offers a versatile suite of services. Initially, BlendSafe is targeting the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), with plans to expand to various blockchain platforms to address cross-chain compatibility challenges.

How is it built?
The architecture of BlendSafe comprises several components:

dApp Front-end Development: A user-friendly interface for seamless interaction with the multisignature scheme.

Canister/Smart Contract Implementation: A smart contract on the Internet Computer for managing multisignature operations for Ethereum transactions.

Trustless Web2 Backend: A backend service that connects the dApp and the smart contract, ensuring transparency and user-friendliness.

Internet Computer Superpowers
BlendSafe leverages the Internet Computer’s Chain Key Signatures to facilitate secure multisignature transactions, capitalizing on the platform’s robust security features. Additionally, BlendSafe harnesses the Web-deployed application capabilities of the Internet Computer, enabling seamless accessibility and user-friendly interaction for its clients. This integration enhances the overall user experience while ensuring the highest standards of security for multisignature transactions across diverse blockchain ecosystems.

Go-To-Market Strategy
Our user acquisition strategy involves adopting a freemium model, creating developer-focused content, actively managing community channels, and forming strategic partnerships.

BlendSafe is being developed as a non-profit extension to provide added value to the network as a whole.

Status of the Project
As of now, the project is still in its initial stages. We have outlined the project’s concept, objectives, and roadmap and we are currently focused on securing funding, assembling the team, and finalizing the planning phase before moving forward with development.

Github: github(.)com/deep-ink-ventures/blend-safe

X/Twitter: @BlendSafe

Future Plans
In the future, BlendSafe aims to secure additional grants and venture capital funding to fuel its growth. This includes expanding the team and enhancing capabilities to meet the evolving needs of users and the market. Additionally, there are plans to increase the platform’s reach by adding support for more cryptocurrencies and advanced features.

Over the next 12 months, BlendSafe envisions completing a proof of concept and developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to demonstrate its capabilities and attract further investment. This includes securing VC funding to support expansion efforts. Furthermore, the roadmap includes expanding services to include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, broadening the platform’s appeal and utility. Additionally, there are plans to introduce workflow management features, enhancing the platform’s functionality and value proposition for users.


Sounds interesting. I will be following your progress