Bitcoin layer 2 network

I saw a funny MEME on Twitter today, be aware that it could be a hoax!

But this is not the point, I want to express my opinion, we ICP developed CKBTC, but outside the IC community almost no one!

Why would someone without technology want to make a MEME that could be a hoax? And we developers with real technology are not doing these meaningful things?

I think someone should take action at this moment. If you can launch a BTC L2 project with chain-key technology and participate in SNS, I think it is a win-win situation. The developer can not only get the sponsorship of the community, but also bring new users to the community, and solve the problem of BTC! Apparently the DFINITY Foundation is not happy to do this work! Tech savvy IC Where are you? Take action, this can be worth tens of millions or even billions of dollars!

@bitfinity team @ASTROX @Plugwallet, I think you can try to make a project named after BTC L2, make use of your professional technology and your wallet advantages, create a real practical network in blockchain for the community, and bring new blood night to the IC community!