Bitcoin Halving Week: Share Your Project Updates on ckBTC & Bitcoin Integration

As we approach the Bitcoin Halving this Friday, April 19th, we would like to invite the community to share updates on how their projects are using ckBTC and/or the Bitcoin integration.

We encourage you to share any feature updates, technical overviews (especially highlighting the value of ckBTC and BTC on ICP), and/or tutorials with open-source code.

Feel free to share links to your tweets in this thread or directly DM. We will be reviewing them and amplifying as many high-quality posts as possible.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us (CC: @radu) if you have any questions about the promotion.


Hello @cymqqqq, thank you for the question! Could you possibly post this as a different thread? We will answer it there

It’s ok, I will delete this post.

Friendly reminder that the Bitcoin Halving is expected to be tomorrow, Friday, April 19th at around 22:00 UTC.

Please let us know if you are posting any content about any Bitcoin integration using ICP and we will make sure that will amplify it.