BABY AROF token with a price of one dollar

The only BABY AROF token among memecoins has the ability to reach one dollar

AROF believes that the BABY AROF token is the only meme coin that has the ability to reach the price of $1.

He believes that the community can be the main reason for the growth of an asset in the blockchain.
What are the features of BABY AROF token?

Completely decentralized
Transaction speed in less than one second
The cost of transferring assets between wallets is zero
No need to pay tax in case of storage and exchange of goods with BABYAROF token
Liquidity: We can easily convert BABYAROF to ICP and then to USD at any point in the world
The identity of investors always remains anonymous

Fundamentally, the liquidity conditions and token distribution structure are so good that no whale has the ability to discharge dangerously.

Security of BABY AROF assets

As long as the can of this digital asset has a charge to survive, it will never be destroyed and no one will be able to block your asset.

The community can use the BABY AROF token to transfer millions of dollars anonymously in less than 1 second without a single cent transfer fee!

Currently, BABY AROF token has more than 5000 holders which all these wallets should be aware of, BABY AROF token is the only memecoin on ICP blockchain that has the possibility to become one dollar.

Be sure to watch all the short tutorials to fully understand BABY AROF token’s fundamental analysis capabilities:



A proposal of an NNS wallet supporting every type (EXT,DIP20,ICRC-1 etc) is urgent.

Then it will be very easy for an SNS launch and be community controled.


There are answers regarding your words:

  1. BABY AROF has a good DAO right now
    (Note, if the wallet has 3% of the token’s liquidity, it can create a vote)

  2. NNS still needs to be improved, if such a wallet is connected to NNS that can support DIP20 standard, we will definitely prioritize this

  3. We have no desire to add a new standard to the white paper, so the BABY AROF token will not be created with a new standard.

Regarding this matter, we have considered many plans to link new projects to the BABY AROF token…
More projects to create the first liquidity pool under BABY AROF framework conditions to create the first liquidity pool with BABY AROF token.

New projects can purchase BABY AROF tokens after the fundraising stage and create their token liquidity pool.


I hope that soonnnnnnn


Hope this come to actualisation

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