aVa Reputation MVP - Add Reputation to diplomas and event attendance badges

aVa Reputation 0.9.1-beta: Add reputation to education diplomas and event attendance badges

Project Highlights

The upcoming 0.9.1-beta release of the aVa Reputation System introduces an innovative MVP designed to change the way achievements and reputations are managed online.
aVa Reputation is tailored for a wide range of users, especially in the education and events sector, including:

  • Graduates of online courses and schools seeking tangible recognition for their achievements.
  • Event attendees seeking a credible record of their attendance and participation.
  • Organizations and institutions that need a reliable, transparent system for awarding and managing reputation and achievement.
  • Projects and teams that earn a reputation can increase their project valuation.

Problem Being Solved

aVa tackles the pressing issue of the absence of a transparent, decentralized, and verifiable system for recognizing and managing reputations and achievements.
This challenge is particularly prevalent in the digital realm, where traditional methods fall short in providing the necessary credibility and validation for online accomplishments.


  • Custom implementation of ICRC-7 standard for doctokens, adaptable for developer-specific needs.
  • Integration with Event Hub and aVa Reputation system for seamless badge issuance and management.
  • Support for the Internet Computer’s reverse gas model, ensuring efficient transaction processing.
  • Designed to serve educational and event sectors, enhancing digital recognition and credibility.

How to Install

The installation process for the aVa Reputation system involves several steps to ensure proper deployment and functionality:

  1. Repository Fork and Clone: Begin by forking the aVa Doctoken repository on GitHub and cloning it to your local machine.
  2. Customization: Edit the /commands/deploy-ic.sh file within your fork to tailor parameters such as Name, Symbol, and Description to meet your specific needs.
  3. Launch Doctoken Canister: Execute the deploy-ic.sh script located in the commands directory to deploy the Doctoken canister on the Internet Computer. This step requires an installed dfx and a funded wallet for transaction processing.


See aVa Wiki and doctoken README file.


  • Requires dfx for deployment.
  • Compatibility with the Event Hub for event management and notification.
  • Sufficient cycles for handling transactions, adhering to IC’s reverse gas model.


MIT License.


Future Plans

We plan

  • to expand the aVa platform to support a wider range of achievements and events,
  • add a cross-chain badge, and
  • implement the final version of ICRC-7.

Join us and let’s create a new standard for the digital world together!


Hi @ilialor
Sorry that I missed your presentation yesterday.
We have added a certificate and diploma process within Jobgrader (Jobgrader for AI | Jobgrader) to issue verifiable credentials based on a diploma issuer with a smart agent and a decentralized Identity.
We thought about adding NFTs, but have scheduled it for now.

Maybe we can add your NFTs into our Jobgrader Wallet.


Sure, please email me info@ava.capetown and let’s discuss integration options.

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