Assets canister always exec "npm run build"

So, i just want to create a canister to storage images, used the assets type, but throw error when deploying to ic.

dfx always executes that command npm run build for canister with type assets in dfx.json.
Technically, when you choose type="assets", dfx uses compiled wasm from certified_assets repo
It is assumed that there is a frontend in this folder and it needs to be builded for convenience.
If you want to deploy certified_assets canister separately from frontend, you can try

  "canisters": {
    "your_awesome_images_storage": {
      "type": "custom",
      "candid": "PATH_TO_CERTIFIED_ASSETS_DID/assets.did",
      "wasm": "PATH_TO_CERTIFIED_ASSETS_WASM/assets.wasm"
  "defaults": {
    "build": {
      "packtool": ""
  "dfx": "0.8.4",
  "version": 1

Certified_assets is a rust canister for keeping any assets. You can build them locally and get .wasm file (.did already included in the repo)

For interact with your canister use

dfx canister --wallet $(dfx identity get-wallet) YOUR_COMMANDS

Or do not forget to authorize you local identity before manually interaction

dfx canister --wallet $(dfx identity get-wallet) call $(dfx canister id your_awesome_images_storage) authorize $(dfx identity get-principal)

dfx canister YOUR_COMMANDS

Because canister is deployed under your wallet and only wallet is authorized to canister after deploy

OR you can use as temporary

  • Add package.json in your canister folder with empty build command
  • Fairly switch canister type to type="assets" in dfx.json
  • dfx deploy
  • Profit
    It is not recommended, but works.
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Yeah, I empty the build command currenctly, i will try the custom canister type later.Thanks for your answer.

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