Array.filter() delete

Hello everyone,

I created a simple note app for learning purposes.

I use stable var array to save the data, now I’m stuck on how to remove the specific data from the array.

Please see the screenshot below.

It’s me again, I able to make it work now (see screenshot below).

Please let me know if you know any better solutions (I’m not 100% with my code), I really appreciate it.

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There are ways to improve this code, but the real reply should be: if you need to add or remove elements regularly, then do not use arrays! That always requires a full copy of the array (your code even performs 3 copies), which is very expensive and leads to quadratic cost.

What you want here is a map data structure, e.g., an RBMap with note ids as keys. Then you can just call the delete function on it.


You can also use var Array with null defaults. Instead of deleting elements, you will just set them to null.

let items : [var ?Text] = Array.init<?Text>(1000, null); 

You can go up to ~5mil elements if you need.


@rossberg I didn’t know that, I learned something new from your comment, thank you for that, I really appreciate it.

@infu wow, this is a clean code compared to what I did, thank you so much for this.

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