Arguing to keep developer/founder share at 10%

In light of the discussion around developers’ contributions to new projects and initiatives in the ICP community, I have realised that many argue for numbers above 10%, seemingly customary in cryptocurrency thus far.

ICP should behave according to higher standards, not merely being a cryptocurrency.

Today, I want to address the importance of keeping developers’ shares of projects at exactly 10% and argue why this is a fitting and adequate share.

Historical Precedents:

Ancient civilisations such as Greece and Rome esteemed their wise, often providing them with rewards that, while significant, were never excessive.

Historians like Herodotus and Plutarch document how philosophers and sages were compensated around 10% for their contributions, supporting the argument that we should start applying the same 10% number to projects in the ICP community.

Religious and Spiritual Traditions:

Religious texts across various traditions advocate giving a specific portion of one’s earnings to spiritual leaders and guides. In Christianity, the concept of tithing—precisely 10% of one’s income—is a well-established practice in the Bible (e.g., Malachi 3:10). Yogic traditions also teach that keeping 10% of earnings is a fair share.

Modern Practices:

In contemporary society, mentors, coaches, and consultants who provide guidance and wisdom often charge fees for their services. These fees can vary, but it’s not uncommon for them to have around the 10% mark. Studies and surveys in business management literature show that consultancy fees often align with the 10% figure, depending on the expertise and impact of the advice given. This modern parallel reinforces the notion that 10% is a reasonable and fair share of the contributions of our founders.

Even if some currently charge more, this is still greedy, and we now have the chance to address this issue once and for all.

Philosophical Arguments:

Great philosophers like Socrates and Confucius have long discussed the profound impact of wisdom and the essential role of wise individuals in society. Their teachings highlight that while wisdom is invaluable, its compensation should be balanced and just. The 10% figure acknowledges the founders’ contribution without creating undue disparity.


We all contribute daily to society in ways that are impossible to measure in monetary value. Some care for our elderly, babysit, entertain, cook, etc. Not allowing everyone to be first movers or have time to learn coding.

As builders of the new society, we do not need to be greedy, as the decisions and contributions we now make at Genesis will benefit society for future generations.

By awarding our pioneers and wise people exactly 10% as they create new ICP projects and components, we strike a balance that honours their invaluable guidance and wisdom while ensuring a fair distribution among the rest of society down the line. This 10% is historically grounded, religiously validated, and practically sound. It’s a share that respects and values the developers’ role, providing them with enough to continue their essential work while fostering equity within the community.

Thank you.