Architecture changes for the CYCLES-TRANSFER-STATION


Since launching the CTS this past December, people have given me valuable feedback on the onboarding flow and how to best calibrate the CTS for the needs of the people. One specific major thing was the membership fee. When the CTS launched, it required a membership-fee to get started that was then used to create a personal canister for the user that held the user’s cycles. People have reached out saying that the membership fee was making it harder to share the platform with others and welcome new users. For the past few weeks, I’ve been upgrading the CTS so that people can trade at the market, hold tokens, and mint cycles without a membership. Now there is no longer any notion of a membership at the CTS. Those who have purchased a membership before, have now received a full refund onto their CTS icp account.

There is now a new canister, the CYCLES-BANK, that holds the cycles for the people, with an ICRC-1 compatible interface, as well as 3 methods, cycles_in for receiving cycles, cycles_out for sending cycles out onto a canister, and mint_cycles for minting cycles using ICP straight onto a user’s balance without the user having to own a canister. The CYCLES-BANK canister-id is: wwikr-gqaaa-aaaar-qacva-cai. ICRC-2 and ICRC-3 compatibility is coming soon.

Now using only an internet-identity, people can mint cycles, and trade many tokens through the CTS market.