App dev possible with Dfinity?

Is it possible to make APPS with Dfinity, you know, like Android or iOS apps? (the backends for them, I mean…?) Or is it only for website backends? What are these “enterprise systems” they were talking about in the Dfinity videos?

…more info anywhere? (No, I don’t like apps either, I WISH it was all Web, it’s just…not, y’know…? :frowning: )

You can import dfinity/agent JS library ( ) in a React Native app and interact with your DFINITY canisters from that point.




Just to confirm, will React Native apps importing @dfinity/agent work with both iOS and Android? How about other platforms like Web?


Yep, it’s classic JavaScript / TypeScript. Works for web, Native Apps, and Node.js

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Awesome, thanks for clarifying. Is Dfinity working on an equivalent agent library for Flutter/Dart, or are they outsourcing that to the community to build instead?

We don’t have any dart specialists in-house right now, and it seems like the community already has a couple efforts underway for a flutter agent