ANON SNS creation proposal

Hi All,

There is a new SNS creation proposal by ANON NNS Dapp. Please note that DFINITY is planning to reject the proposal as we could not find any community syndication from the team on the forum.

As per the current guidelines we expect the teams to post their proposal on the forum and allow at least 2 weeks for the community discussions prior to submitting the SNS creation proposal.

Please see the relevant text here from the guidelines pasted below:

Syndication approach

** Careful syndication of the SNS proposal, including a motivation of the chosen tokenomics parameters in the proposal and SNS init file (e.g. in the form of a whitepaper).*
** Post at least in and ideally further channels.*
** The syndication (once all parameters are fixed) should last at least two weeks.*

We hope the team would resubmit the proposal after adhering to all the guidelines in case DFINITY’s vote results in the overall proposal getting rejected.


So it seems like Dfinity is playing the role of the gatekeeper here.

We are talking about DFINITY’s vote and we have no control over how others would vote. These voting guidelines are very clearly communicated here: DFINITY's voting on upcoming SNS launch proposals.


Thank you! @ld-dfn1

There is a minimum set of standards that all SNS teams should be expected to meet and this Anonymous SNS proposal and team did not meet them. The right answer is to reject the proposal in my opinion, so I appreciate that the Dfinity neuron will vote to Reject.