Agent Read state with status 451

When I try to get the canister hash of lwio7-laaaa-aaaad-qb25q-cai using, the resp status is “451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons”. I want to know what this means? The canister has been deleted? Or the canister hash is not public anymore?

This says the same thing:

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This means the boundary node you’re trying to access the canister through does not serve responses from that canister. You can read more about that approach here: Boundary Nodes as Censors. As for the reasons why this canister is blocked, I don’t know.

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How can we access this canister to find out without going through the boundary nodes deployed by the foundation? Can I setup my own gateway to the IC right now?

From this reddit post:

"Currently all boundary nodes are run by DFINITY (and so far only canisters that would have caused the domain to be taken down, such as obvious phishing sites, are being blocked) but there’s ongoing work to decentralize them and allow anyone to run their own boundary nodes, under their own web domain.

That way, if one boundary node operator blocks access to a canister, it can still be accessed via other operators’ boundary nodes. With operators under different legal jurisdictions, it is quite likely that any canister (except egregious offenders, such as child abuse content) will be accessible through one boundary node or other."


Yes that’s nice, but if I want to run a boundary node right now, how do I do this? Is there any repo out there? I believe fleek does this since a couple of months and I’d love to play around with it :slight_smile:

The thing fleek does is for their own domain, not the ic0 one IIRC. I am not sure how they do it. Maybe @domwoe knows where to dig up more info on that one?

In case this helps, I believe Origyn is just running icx-proxy behind a custom domain instead of a full boundary node.

See thread:

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There’s no way to access the replicas of the Internet Computer without going through the boundary nodes and hence there’s no way to run a boundary node yourself because this node would talk to the replicas directly. There’s ongoing work on how to decentralize operation of boundary nodes but we aren’t there yet.

If you run icx-proxy, your request will still go through a regular boundary node, but not through the icx-proxy at the boundary node since your instance already performs the encapsulation of the HTTP request to a proper IC API call.