Agent-js stdlib.Uint8Array is not a constructor

What’s that agent-js error while trying to perform a query locally?

chunk-AL5F2A5A.js?v=8c176263:3155 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: stdlib.Uint8Array is not a constructor
at decodeAsm (chunk-AL5F2A5A.js?v=8c176263:3155:18)
at new _Decoder (chunk-AL5F2A5A.js?v=8c176263:4972:23)
at new Uint8ArrayDecoder (chunk-AL5F2A5A.js?v=8c176263:6675:25)
at decode (chunk-AL5F2A5A.js?v=8c176263:6688:19)
at _HttpAgent.status (@dfinity_agent.js?v=0f04bff6:4504:12)
at async _HttpAgent.fetchRootKey (@dfinity_agent.js?v=0f04bff6:4508:23)
at async ve (actor.api.ts:40:5)
at async jt (satellite.api.ts:127:26)
at async HTMLButtonElement.version (admin.ts:8:5)

Node dependencies s*** as usual.

“Solved” by polyfilling the required stdlib.Uint8Array inherited by cbor using @esbuild-plugins/node-modules-polyfill.

If anyone lands on this in the future, note the above works out only for development.