Agent-JS 0.12.1

What’s Changed

0.12.1 introduces two notable changes:

  • Support for experimental derivationOrigin in auth-client for migrating domains off of to a custom domain
  • Allows replayability of signed requests, which is particularly useful for hardware wallets or airgapped setups
  • chore: update CODEOWNERS by @dfx-json in #586
  • feat: adds UTF-8 as an encoding option by @krpeacock in #587
  • feat: adds support for derivationOrigin by @krpeacock in #588
  • feat: reuse signed request when reading state by @lmuntaner in #584
  • refactor: switch from agent-rs to miracl_core by @Daniel-Bloom-dfinity in #590
  • chore: aggregate test results for required statuses by @ericswanson-dfinity in #592
  • feat: enables inline sourcemaps for packages for developer experience by @krpeacock in #593
  • chore: release 0.12.1 by @krpeacock in #594

Release page: Release v0.12.1 · dfinity/agent-js · GitHub