Agent-JS 0.10.0

Hi everyone! As of now, we have released version 0.9.3 of our JavaScript packages, which will be the last stable version before 0.10.0. I still have documentation to do on the changes for 0.10.0, but you can read the changelog here: refactor: move all BLOB and Buffer to ArrayBuffer (breaking change) by hansl · Pull Request #476 · dfinity/agent-js · GitHub

Essentially, version 0.10.0 removes all use of the Buffer and Pipe packages, as well as the non-standard Blob. Our API’s are now based on native primitives, using ArrayBuffer, Uint8Array, and DataView. This reduces the size of our packages and requires less configuration in Webpack and other bundlers

A beta build is ready to test at 0.10.0-beta.1, or by installing our packages with the tag @beta. Thanks