Advisory-db is locked on every build

Hey there. Every time I build my canisters, I get this kind of warning:

Checking for vulnerabilities in rust canisters.
    Fetching advisory database from ``
warning: directory /home/alexander/.cargo/advisory-db is locked, waiting for up to 300 seconds for it to become available

5 minutes is quite a big timeout to wait every time, especially when you update canisters frequently. How do I lower it to something more meaningful, like 10 sec?

Thanks in advance!

It shouldn’t be locked all the time. Do you have other processes running that may access the advisory-db? Or is it possible that the db was not released properly at some point?

Thanks for the reply!

I use turborepo to build stuff in my project. There are two subprojects, where canisters are built during this process. Turborepo tries to build them in parallel, which (as I think) is causing the problem.

I could make it build them sequentially, but it is kinda strange given that cargo is pretty much capable of parallel building.

I tried building it sequentially and I still get the error.
How do I check what’s locking it constantly?

Maybe some VSCode extension?