AccountID to Principal

Hello Developers,

Wondering is there any way to convert Account ID to Principal

I am aware that we can generate from Principal we can generate account ID.

How we do in reverse ? Account ID to Principal

Thanks in Advance

It uses Sha224 so unlikely and that’s why it has been created at the first place I guess (and the ability to create SubAccount);


Thank you will try.

Is the convert the account id to principal back ?

Is it possible to derive Principal from Account-ID

I don’t think so – unfortunately.

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I’ve been going down this rabbit hole lately and would like to wrap my mind around the problem, so forgive me if this is a stupid question:

Is this because it is not possible / intentionally too cryptographically difficult to hash in reverse or is this because no one has spent the time to implement it?

Hi @Hic

In general, it is computationally difficult to invert a good cryptographic hash function like the one used to compute account ids (out of principals and subaccount id)