Access denied on ledger canister wasm

This URL was just working recently to download the ledger canister Wasm, does anyone know what happened to it?

No idea. I’m asking around…

Hi @lastmjs . My apologies for the inconvenience. We had close to 800 TB of data in S3 and for cost control reasons introduced a lifecycle policy to delete objects older than 6 months. The old objects add cost and on top also introduce security risk since we don’t check reproducibility of the old binaries. It could be hard to check reproducibility in such cases.
This build is over a year old. Can you use a newer version? For instance, the current IC release?
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No problem, that makes sense thank you.

Though we have tests that depend on these things, is there any way we could get permanent URLs somehow?

Yeah, we have the same problem :sweat_smile:
So I’ll certainly push for coming up with a permanent link or at least a work-around.

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This worked for me btw, thanks!

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