About transaction_hash and BlockIndex of ICPledger?

How to get valid transaction_hash?
Because after using ICPledger.transfer, the return value is only BlockIndex, without transaction_hash, and at the same time, query_blocks cannot be used to query without transaction_hash.
Because it is found in ICP Explorer https://dashboard.internetcomputer.org/transactions, only transaction_hash can be viewed.

In this way, the transaction can only be browsed by obtaining the transaction_hash in advance. How to obtain the transaction_hash?
Or is it possible to view transactions by BlockIndex?

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query_blocks method of ICP ledger canister takes block Index and length as argument not tx_hash.

I know, but guiding users to view transactions in ICP Explorer requires knowing the transaction_ hash

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Well not necessarily. You can get it by blockIndex.

Tx details using blockIndex and hashes can be pulled from rosetta api as well. Check these implementation here : https://github.com/dfinityexplorer/dfinityexplorer-dashboard/blob/main/web/src/rosetta/RosettaApi.js

Also I am not an expert or a big guy, so hoping it will help :slight_smile:

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The blcokchain explorer accepts the BlockIndex but only int he URL, not as a search query.

So to get what you want, simply construct the URL like this:


For example: https://dashboard.internetcomputer.org/transaction/10500226