About Notifications of NNS/SNS Proposals



My name is Tiago and am recently in colaboration with CodeGov and was wandering what is the roadmap for Notifications of NNS dApp (for both NNS and SNS proposals).

Recently a TG bot, managed by Christian (a community member) stopped working and I can recover it. But am worried about usage, how users actually become aware of the bot in the first place.

I noticed that the NNS dApp does not have any section for Notifications, would you be willing to consider having a section for it?

To be clear, am talking of this section:

In it you could:

  • have App/Mobile notification settings (something you guys could solve when priority allows)
  • have a list of, community operated, notification systems. They could be grouped by platform (TG, OpenChat, DSCVR, Taggr, email, etc.)

Am envisioning each of these options to be either:

  • an expandable section (with instructions on it)
  • or a link to a “know more” external website.

Whatever the way, these options and information would be introduced with a simple PR that Dfinity approves (or in a stricter process, that is requested and approved first in an NNS Motion proposal).

Whenever a system stops working (which eventually will happen), the maintainer(s) are notified and have 15 days to solve it. After which the listing will be removed. (But it’s easy to be reinstated, without the need for a formal approval again).

Dfinity Team, what are your thoughts on such a system? Are you interested in aligning and coordinating this effort?

To Notification maintainers, like @Archetypal , Rick (could someone let him know?) , OpenChat team (also let them know), @mechaquan, and any other, can you give feedback on this topic? Do you support and would be interested in having your notification system listed?

Thanks all for your attention and consideration.


I love this idea and would like to see it happen.

As requested by @tiago89 I am tagging @rckprtr @hpeebles @julianjelfs @christian since they are the missing names in the OP.

Also, we have two email distribution lists through Google Groups. One is for Replica Version Management proposals and the other is for Governance and SNS proposals. The script currently runs on a server owned by @jwiegley and I maintain the Google Groups. If appropriate, those email notification options could be added to this effort.

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Hello all,

I am one of the NNS-dapp developers. I note that there have been several requests for easy ways to get proposal data recently. We currently have an aggregator that gets data from all SNSs and makes it accessible as JSON with (fast but secure) certified query calls. However we do not collect proposal data and it has been suggested that we add it. I would be a bit wary of jumping to any particular technical solution, e.g. “just” adding proposals to the SNS aggregator, but I do note that there does seem to be wider demand for something like a proposals aggregator. Something that is sounding to me like a cross between a proposals archive and an RSS feed for new proposals.