$40,000 hackathon at Oxford open to all

With thanks to Lomesh and Carsten for arranging Internet Computer developer grants for the upcoming hackathon during the Oxford blockchain conferences next month:

$40,000 hackathon at Oxford open to all! Join in person or online, solo or with a team, to compete for $40K in awards:


:relaxed: glad to see middle managers at DFINITY are “innovating” by :writing_hand: checks

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DFINITY isn’t providing cash or crypto for the hackathon, neither of which would significantly further our short or long term mission of advancing the use and awareness of blockchain technology in the field of education.

Our objective with the hackathon at the Oxford conference is to establish and grow strong and lasting relationships with the Internet Computer development community, and to this very specific end the developer grants that Dfinity is furnishing as prizes/awards for the hackathon are meant to allow the winners to continue working with us on the work they begin during the hackathon.

Oxford is our inaugural hackathon, the first of many for which I hope to arrange similar IC developer grants. Yale University (USA) is the next one, followed Qatar in the Middle East in collaboration with the United Nations, and then University of Zurich at the end of the year. After this year we will continue with 2-3 conferences per year, and at each one we will jlhave a hackathon (similar to this year, going forward on an annual basis at different locations and with different hackathon projects).

IC developer grants are the ideal arrangement for us, as they directly support and advance our educational mission while at the same time helping to grow and support the IC development community at large (the winners can work from wherever they want on their post-hackathon grant projects and on whatever schedule they are comfortable with based on their particular developer grant milestones).

I hope that helps clarify the role of DFINITY’s contribution to the hackathon?