200k+ Opportunity: Liquid Neuron Staking Marketplace

Now that canister controlled neuron restrictions are being removed, I’d like to see someone build a traditional, immutable canister smart contract (not controlled by a DAO or any party) that is capable of creating and facilitating the transfer of individual neurons.

A Liquid Neuron Staking Marketplace

Ideally, this person would take bits and pieces from the NNS frontend and build a similar interface for managing a neuron containing the following features:

  • Allow users to log in with II (at a minimum)
  • Allow users to create a new neuron, top it up, and manage the neuron
  • Allow users to view all of the neurons they currently
  • Allow users to list and trade individually staked neurons (not an entire identity) on a marketplace

As long as the contract is well tested and immutable, I would happily pay a 5% fee on top of all transactions. Especially given the ability to earn 8-year staked + age bonus neuron rewards with a liquid neuron.

Depending on the quality of the team/product produced, I would be willing to help crowdfund a significant amount of ICP (10-20k ICP) to see this marketplace become a reality.


References: Reevaluating Neuron Control Restrictions by DFINITY

Previously, I posted about 100k+ developer opportunity - IC Dapp Auditing. Several months later, the Solidstate auditing firm was formed. It has already performed several ICP audits, including:

I mention the above in the context that the first, seamless, trustless Liquid Neuron Staking Marketplace is most likely an order of magnitude greater opportunity than auditing.


I 100% support this and would certainly put my non-staked ICP to work if it was available.

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We’re building something more or less similar: Introducing WaterNeuron - #3

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