Wasm module defined ___ globals which exceeds the maximum number allowed 200

That is awesome news!!

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@dsarlis ,
I think we can just use this thread to discuss the possibility to completely remove this limit on the number of globals.

The coming increase to 1,000 will be sufficient for all cases I have seen so far, but we’re only getting started, so you never know if this is sufficiently high.

Would it be possible to get rid of it altogether?

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@icpp I think Diego tagged me out of reflex, this is more in the purview of the runtime team nowadays (I’m in the execution team myself which is very closely related and sometimes leading to these confusions). I’ll let the folks of the runtime team answer on the possibility of getting rid of limits. (Andriy who replied that the limit is being increased to 1000 is part of the runtime team).


The limits are in place because ATM, on the IC, WASM compilation should happen within a round, i.e., within approximately 1 second.

There are other compilation limits in place as well. So, removing this particular limit for the globals won’t break the IC, but it also won’t help to accommodate much larger programs on the IC, unfortunately.

The fundamental solution is a multi-round compilation, which will be technically possible after the query stats feature is fully implemented.


Multi-round compilation ftw!


Is the change rolled out yet?

It should be rolled out to all the app subnets and the latest DFX beta should include the change:

DFX_VERSION=0.15.2-beta.0 sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL https://internetcomputer.org/install.sh)"