Voting is open for a new release - 76fd768

Hello there!

We are happy to announce that voting is now open for a new IC release and the retirement of old replica versions 64016bcd15a39bb494591f949b289d5a92128365, b9949229021c8801c03b38d73d53a9dfb14d5f60 and cabe2ae3ca115b1a3f24d75814d4f8e317b2964d.
The NNS proposal is here: IC NNS Proposal 124790 .

Here is a summary of the changes since the last release:

  • [04cc41d34] Consensus: chores(consensus, backup): adds cold storage disk metrics

  • [fbdecfdee] Consensus: feat(backup): improve version reporting and separate warning thresholds for cold and hot storage

  • [9adeb5710] Consensus: fix(consensus): Fix documentation of remove function in DKG pool

  • [a5869c069] Crypto: chore(crypto): Remove unused openssl dependency

  • [c32ba5c67] Crypto: chore(crypto): Update Cargo.lock file in ic-validator fuzzer

  • [6444e349d] Crypto: chore(crypto): update x509_parser dependency

  • [831e32c7d] Crypto: feat(cketh): Retrieve transaction receipt

  • [b129d596d] Crypto: feat(crypto): Enable metrics for crypto csp vault

  • [e66ec97a5] Crypto: feat(crypto): remove panics in internal TLS key generation logic

  • [330df35ba] Crypto: fix(cketh): normalize JSON-RPC responses for Block and Vec

  • [15027e2ee] Crypto: perf(crypto): add tECDSA benchmarks with remote vault

  • [f3e36937e] Execution: chore: Make call ID of install code call non-optional

  • [117db5eb5] Execution: chore: Bump certification version to support subnet metrics in the state tree

  • [21fa6190f] Execution: chore: Implement HTTP headers size limit for HTTP outcall requests

  • [abac636d8] Financial Integrations/Message Routing: feat(cketh): add audit log events

  • [5adf54c3d] Networking: Add Stefan Neamtu’s public key

  • [b114d89c1] Networking: chore(): remove request cache

  • [5bc015c6a] Networking: chore: add some p2p readmes and delete the experimental directory

  • [81f89f41d] Networking: chore: do some small readability changes

  • [28d89cb1a] Networking: chore: remove unused deps

  • [0890bd1e9] Networking: chore: rename get_transport_info to get_node_record

  • [c41bc484d] Networking: chore: upgrade the prost, tonic and pprof versions

  • [65bed45cd] Networking: chore: use tower from the workspace

  • [34e429e85] Networking: feat(P2P): Implement Sender Side of new P2P protocol for consensus.

  • [1bc4f182e] Networking: fix: Don’t return cancelled tasks in joinmap

  • [99d83a9c6] Node: Fix icos_deploy target, and cleanup visibility

  • [ba761ba75] Node: Log node-ID and replica version to HostOS console

  • [a20d0d4bd] Node: chore: remove outdated setupOS node provider log

  • [781c82634] Runtime: Increase the subnet storage capacity to 700GiB

  • [f71035db3] Runtime: Add Wasm chunk store to replicated state

  • [c482a8ff5] Runtime: Add reserved balance limit to DefinitiveCanisterSettingsArgs

  • [e63cc8e68] Runtime: Aggregate query stats into canister state

  • [712910487] Runtime: Fix resource reservation in memory allocation

  • [8fc94dc27] Runtime: Initialize the reserved balance limit to a default value

  • [fae60b4a4] Runtime: Make calculations in resource reservation precise

  • [71d25a0a5] Runtime: Protobuf changes to add query stats to canister state

  • [8b1db4ef3] Runtime: fix: Upgrade wasmtime to 11.0.2

  • Various tech-debt management: code refactoring, docs, bug fixes, test updates

In addition to that, we have a second release that, thanks to the tireless work of @Tim, enables superior support for QUIC – the next level of resilient networking for the IC. The release is tagged release-2023-09-20_23-01+quic and has commit ID 91bf38ff3cb927cb94027d9da513cd15f91a5b04.
The NNS proposal is here: IC NNS Proposal 124795 .
It carries two changes:

  • [cfc9826eb] Networking: feat(IC-1437): Enable QUIC state sync

  • [720f3ca15] Networking: update quinn

Get your votes in, so that the IC gets the improvements as fast as possible.

IC-OS Verification

To build and verify the IC-OS disk image, run:

# From
sudo apt-get install -y curl && curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSLO && chmod +x && ./ -c 76fd768b70d93f4650ccde8da3fe34294e6b690c

The two SHA256 sums printed above from a) the downloaded CDN image and b) the locally built image, must be identical, and must match the SHA256 from the payload of the NNS proposal.


Reviewers for the CodeGov project have completed our review of these replica updates.

Proposal ID: 124790
Full report: CodeGov portal on DSCVR

Proposal ID: 124795
Full report: CodeGov portal on DSCVR

Neuron: CodeGov
NeuronID: 2649066124191664356
Voting history: Dashboard

At the time of this comment on the forum there are still 2 days left in the voting period, which means there is still plenty of time for others to review the proposal and vote independently.

We had several very good reviews of the Release Notes on these proposals by @Zane, @cyberowl, @ZackDS, @massimoalbarello, and @ilbert. The IC-OS Verification was also performed by @Gekctek and @tiago89. I recommend folks talk a look and see the excellent work that was performed on these reviews by the entire CodeGov team. Feel free to comment here if you have any questions or suggestions.


@pietrodimarco please check the top section of the comment made by @cyberowl in our review of proposal 124790. He identified a mistake in one of the commits that the change owner might want to know. It wasn’t significant enough for him to vote to reject the proposal, but in the spirit of continuous improvement we hope it is useful feedback.


TL;DR Looks like a temporary fix that will be addressed later. Probably then will be fixed the use of old RFC 2822 that was obsoleted in 2008 by RFC 5322 that is used in return error for notAfter date.

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