Voting is open for a new IC release - c2dae5e

Hello there!

we are happy to announce that voting is now open for a new IC release .
The NNS proposal is here: IC NNS Proposal 83786.

Here is a summary of the changes since the last release:

* Consensus: Remove state dependency for initial dkg
* Consensus: Require at least threshold different signers
* Crypto: Ensure that locks are held only for as long as necessary
* Crypto: Move `EccPointWithLut`'s functionality to `EccPoint`
* Crypto: ensure that computed KeyId is stable
* Crypto: fixing the startup/shutdown order of the services.
* Crypto: removed all TempCryptoComponent::new_* methods in favor of TempCryptoBuilder
* Crypto: use Wycheproof crate to simplify integration tests for RSA PKCS1
* Execution: Install code DTS execute start tests
* Execution: Pagination support for BitcoinGetSuccessor requests
* Execution: Validate input install code DTS
* Execution: Optimize `RoundSchedule::filter_canisters()`
* Message Routing: Bump `CURRENT_CERTIFICATION_VERSION` to `V10`
* Message Routing: Fix a race condition in state machine tests
* Message Routing: Make reset_tip_to multithreaded
* Networking: Don't run canister http integration tests on macos
* Networking: Successful handshake using H1 [3/n]
* Orchestrator: Add NNS cup verification to ic-replay
* Orchestrator: Optional parameters in ic-replay in regards to the new cup verification command
* Runtime: Account for stable memory pages in instruction limit
* Runtime: Add canister state bits for postponed charges
* Runtime: Add slice metrics for DTS
* Runtime: Fix the leak of pending Wasm executions on DTS failure
* Runtime: Propagate instructions used for execution to scheduler
* Runtime: Raise complexity limit
* Runtime: Refactor DTS for response to use the helper pattern
* Runtime: Upgrade wasmtime to version 0.40.0

And a complete list of changes can of course be found on GitHub.
Please reply to this message if you have any questions or comments.


We added another update to the release before it’s rolled out. The new version is open for voting.