Voting is open for a new IC release - 7075451

Hello there!

we are happy to announce that voting is now open for a new IC release .
The NNS proposal is here: IC NNS Proposal 97472 .

Here is a summary of the changes since the last release:

* Crypto: chore(crypto): bump secret key store version
* Crypto: feat(crypto): wrap bincode serialiser/deserialiser to provide logging
* Execution: Migrate `executed_messages` from `HypervisorMetrics` to `SandboxMetrics`
* Message Routing: Adapt a sanity check in `check_size` to allow for upgrades/downgrades.
* Message Routing: fix: Disallow use of `Write::write()`
* Networking/Node: feat: Add hardware requirements for Gen2 hardware.
* Networking: Instead of per peer concurrency buffer use a single buffer per thread
* Networking: chore: Read state request id histogram metrics
* Networking: fix: Instead of falling back to HTTP when peeking failed drop the TCP connection.
* Networking: fix: Remove the per field serialization attributes
* Networking: fix: canister http fault tolerance rework
* Networking: fix: introduce TCP connection timeout and request timeout
* Networking: fix: use tower Services for bounding the number of the connections instead of our custom TcpAcceptor class
* Node: Only copy images for aux nodes when needed
* Node: Remove allow_failure from setupOS determinism job
* Node: feat: Registry changes to add SEV-SNP attestation report to the NodeRecord
* Runtime: Account executed canisters towards the round instruction limit
* Runtime: Make scheduler `reset_round` fixed
* Runtime: Upgrade wasmtime to version 3.0.1

And a complete list of changes can of course be found on GitHub.
Please reply to this message if you have any questions or comments.


We almost finished rolling out this release.
We’ll make a two-week break in the regular weekly release cadence (that we followed for almost a year now), to reduce risk and to let the release team and the other DFINITY developers rest and enjoy the holidays.
We’ll continue after the holidays, so after January 6, 2023.