Voting for a Ethos and Standards

It seems to me that there are discussions along with their responses to recurring questions or concerns that neuron owners have and I would like to put forward a solution to bundle these issues together.

I personally believe that we should have an ethos but it didn’t really get off the ground and many blame DFINITY including the proposer as they used their voting power to reject this great idea and I think we can create this by voting on the NNS for major discussions by voting democratically as majority rules.

Those who would say that DFINITY would be able to overrule with voting power any proposal put on the NNS we could then organize ourselves to vote NO to all proposals on the NNS and still receive rewards until a solution is found and by unfollowing and taking our power back, posting our stance on all media apps to inform all dead neurons to participate.

This would then create a democracy and the ethos would create itself by majority rules.

What we have at the moment are discussions that run out of steam with no solution and are then recurring.

DFINITY only wants our investment and has stated that after 8 years they will leave this project and lets get them involved with our discussion to answer our concerns NOW as I believe the price may have already mooned and they want a cheap ICP for new development and to grow the IC and unlike most coins is designed to moon project builders.

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I don’t see people as black or white and do not harbor hatred, decentralization just means there are many more bad actors.

As seen in this forum there are many different views and while some say they believe in decentralization their views seem very centralized to their cause and not for the community.

Stealing rewards from non active neurons, adjusting the inflation to better the ICP price, complaining about participation rates which are at 28% and if they raise to 100% then the outcome will be 0% rewards or extra voting power but not really as does everyone else , a salary earning non for profit organization which is happy to receive donations from neuron owners and has told you that all you will receive for your donation is deteriorating voting rights for your many hours of non salary participation.

The end result could ?

I respect your opinion about having no hatred. The world would be in a better place if more people had the same viewpoint.

I however have a disagreement of opinion how you and the team that are trying to develop an ethos for the Internet computer are approaching the topic; there is no inclusion whatsoever of diverse communities. The goal should be to have a solid foundation and without diversity it is either you would end up with unstable problems in the near future or the ethos you and the team are advocating for will fall flat like a castle built on sand.

This is not an argument but a conversation that would lead to light at the end of a tunnel and make sure everyone is equally represented on the internet computer. Again, just to be clear what we are having is a not an argument but a disagreement of opinion on why, who and what should be included on the ethos.

That being said you can’t go around the world broadcasting that you do not see color. That itself is the main cause of chaos and problems in your country.

And there is no need to carry those problems to future generations; especially on a world class infrastructure.

Not recognizing color is stripping people of their identity and it is a huge problem.

We live in a world that’s not black and white. Colors are definitely evident in our contemporary society.

There’s black people, brown people and white people going per alphabetical order here… and more people are gaining different identities as days go by; and all these people would want to be equally recognized of who they are.

These people have needs that should be met in their own distinct ways.

That’s why you just can’t print an ethos; You or the team advocating for an ethos don’t have the moral authority to do so.

I don’t mean to be controversial but your country preaches for democracy yet it’s not in the International criminal court; how is that possible? What are the leaders or such people scared of?

Meanwhile prisoners of war that were trafficked from Africa suffer immense discrimination generations later despite being born in such a great country because of unequal distribution of resources… Again I am not throwing dirt on such a great country because it does have a lot of light in it and thriving business. What I am offering are solutions to a better and brighter future for everyone that stays in that country. If you knew my roots you’ll find my peoples are peaceful people. We handle conflicts and disagreements in diplomatic ways contrary to how the media portrays us.

You or the team advocating for an ethos cannot set ethos for a World computer when you can’t fix simple problems that reside in your country.

That includes inclusion and recognition of people for who they are without overlooking on their disadvantages.

This forum has no color but provides discussion and thoughts and is what I refer to, so we all start equal till we write our thoughts, so the ethos is limited to a very small group of conversations.

I do however get a sense of the writer’s thinking and while I may disagree I feel that most should be able to say their thoughts as I have done here.

I have been told many times by management that I am a troublemaker.

I believe the ethos failed by trying to set the rules whereas we as a group read these discussions and can find a middle ground or a better understanding that creates an unwritten ethos.

What drives me crazy is the discussions that seem to me to be stuck in a rut and circles back over and over again.

I like to give a different view that others have not thought of and may not quite understand straight away my points but may have an impact later as I have found over time.