Upcoming Sonic SNS decentralization sale

I’m not sure if my remarks need to be censored, but the results of the neurons seem obvious :sweat_smile:

Great description by Spinner Cash on Sonic SNS.Check the Concerns part. Spinner Report: Review on Proposal #122343 - Create Sonic's SNS DAO


I am skeptical about the people spreading FUD, Does he short $ICP? What’s his true intention? Vibes like that only make the whole ecosystem bearish.

I wouldn’t blame any developers if they are confident about the security part. Audits from good providers are expensive, as there are not many IC Projects, and will take some time as well.

Other DEXes in IC are audited? If not, does the liquidity in those DEX es safe? Do you think Dfinity can say the same, not audited, not safe? Sonic is here for a while, and I believe they are comparatively secure compared to other ones.

People need to understand the risk-reward tradeoffs, appreciate efforts to build the ecosystem, and grow together as a community.

Modify the security audit and talknomics.We have to make really good products like psychedelic👍

There should be a thriving ecosystem to build good products like psychedelic. This is always a good read - PsychedelicDAO’s Wish List for the Internet Computer. | by PsychedelicDAO | Psychedelic | Medium

That sums it up very well and gives very good advice for the team. If they really want to go forward in the long run and not rush things that is the only way. Time will tell I guess, meanwhile we have clear guidelines .

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As far as the FUD is concerned yes I have to agree there is no reason for it in this case even though I was one to mock sonic for the repos after a rushed decision to open source them when they faced that part. I am sure that no developer or any serious project will leave IC just because Dfinity gave guidelines and did not vote on a proposal. On the other hand looks like some users holding ICP lost their patience and will lash out on anyone and anything as long as the price is still around $5 hence the guy with the shorting.

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I liked a lot of what the Psych team were doing but they turned out to be money grabbing mercenaries. They got a hell of a lot of money from Dfinity, built decent apps but didn’t focus on scaling or pushing them hard. They created lots of projects but never really followed through on any of them. Then fell out with Dfinity and the community and left.

Now it seems they want 4% of Sonic tokens for a product which was likely already funded/ developed using Dfinity grants. Seems like a kick in the face for the ICP community IMHO!


I do have a feeling that the Sonic team was in a rush, Maybe a lot of these discussions could taken in private, instead of causing chaos in the ecosystem. Perhaps a seed round through funded or something would have been a better choice for Sonic if they need funds for development.

Regardless if the community is more interested in mocking each other instead of supporting and making better products, the ecosystem will be only bearish, everyone will be in loss loss situation.

1. The Foundation Should Focus Solely on the Protocol Level, and Not the Application Level

One of our biggest critiques is the constant attempts by the DFINITY foundation to build at the application level of the IC.

Seems you are right they have stated they do not want to build the application level and criticise DFINITY for their progress but here we are with a working application and ready to go.

It is not all black or white, I did the mocking where it held it’s own, just as you said it was rushed. But at the end of the day I am all for making the majority happy and by that I mean the community as long as the rules of engagement from Dfinity are clear. Just to be on the same page : it does not matter if Sonic misses this, I am willing to help and support them in any way I can if they choose to go forward and I bet that many devs will follow. I and We want Sonic to be the project that raises the bar for other new comers in the ecosystem. And the same applies for Kinic and the rest.

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Hi @wpb ,

I’ve put more thought into this than I ever expected :upside_down_face:, but I re-read the posts and my honest opinion (as a moderator) is that:

  1. They are indeed confusing to me and takes a while for me to understand the intent, but the intent does seem relevant to the conversation and on-topic… so they are not completely off-topic random. They just take a lot of mental bandwidth to understand and dive down into (akin to reading someone’s super long comment).

  2. They sometimes have some snark… but are not ad hominem.

  3. The developer forum UI does give them some prominence…but not sure I can do anything about that, and specially since it has not been an issue before.

  4. Yes they are tweets… but i think sharing tweets is fine. I see the " Post Only Your Own Stuff" different than posting twitter links (which are public), this is akin to posting wikipedia links.

  5. These do not seem to derail the health of the dialogue… so my main concern (healthy dialogue) is satisfied.

If anyone disagrees, I am here and always willing to change my mind.


Ok, thanks for the feedback. You know my opinion, but I respect your role as the moderator and I don’t feel the need to push the issue any further. Thank you for considering the matter.


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Id like to apologize to everyone else in this thread for I will have to comment beyond this topic and address @CatPirate ’s recent rants:

  1. As a moderator of this forum, I have indefinitely removed @CatPirate . They were previously silenced and warned many times, but they have not shown to be a good member of this community. This means they cannot comment or post new topics. I have sent them this message:

After your previous warnings, today’s comments show you have acted in bad faith. You have been silenced indefinitely from the developer forum. You will not be able to comment or start posts.

  1. I would typically delete catpirate’s trollish comments (indeed multiple people flagged/reported them), but I am leaving them for the purposes of transparency to show my thinking because:
  • silencing a user indefinitely is not something to be taken lightly so I want to show my thinking
  • the comments were mostly directed at me. If they had been directed at other people, I would remove them (so there is no ad hominem).
  1. People will disagree in many topics, so it is important that healthy dialogue be kept. Indeed, I know I have had my mind changed many times here, as I knkw others have. To be frank, this developer forum was initially created with the intent of answering only coding questions, and clearly the scope has organically grown so I have tried to adapt with the community and their needs. There are many forums and places for ICP discussions. This is just one of many, so I hope I can create a good environment for those who spend their time here.

That is all. Apologies for the distraction.


Can understand, I am coming from Polygon, FIL coin ecosystem. TBH I felt like IC ecosystem is way different from what I have seen. The ecosystem grows only when people see it as a positive sum game.

I am bullish on the Sonic team, as I am aware of the few projects by some of the team members in other L1s. Still skeptical about dfinity though.

It is deeply concerning that individuals are subjected to permanent bans within this forum. It is crucial to explore alternative measures and consider more effective solutions to address issues and maintain a healthy community environment. By adopting alternative approaches, we can promote growth, understanding, and encourage positive interactions among forum members.

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I think it’s a great option.For example, I think there are excellent options such as Terra.

gud choice ser, do u work for almeda?