Upcoming SNS DAO for $MOTOKO

You would never show your wallet while trying to call out other people in chat with their wallet addresses and purchases. Nobody believes you any more. Your have burned out every one in chat with your neurotic behavior. That is why you were banned from the community.

The sns sale is to empower two random twitter influencers with an sns using a community dfinity logo as their token.

By this logic I am launching the offical Dfinity dao token called $DFINITY I’m doing an sns

The wallet ‘stacking.icp’ belongs to @Accumulating.icp. This is his PFP, isn’t it?

@diegop I recognise these handles from the Motoko Discord - @Mico @Natchohodlr @iFollowDfinity2

Can you make them aware that I have muted them all. If they address me here then it is nothing but spam. Also please start to enforce the ad hominem rule.

@Accumulating.icp has yet to respond to any of my evidence. I will post exhibit B in my thread shortly if he does not wish to rebut exhibit A.

WOW exactly like I said you would. You are predictable. Like a clock. Exposed for random FUDDING. Then blocks.
You have a serious issues. Maybe see a doctor to help you get over your abandonment issues.
Good luck and success to you.
There is not going to be any one left to respond to your schizo rambling postings soon.

I want to use this opportunity to shill my soon to drop dapp where u can apply a hat to your motoko it’s written in html soon to have stoic int.

My pfp is a hat I put on my motoko

Hey, @ICPInvestor

Please cease your attacks on [Accumulating.icp] ; it’s truly pitiful.

Accumulating wanted to discuss the upcoming dao sns, this is the discussion.

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These personal attacks are entirely unrelated to the ongoing discussion.

Hey @Accumulating.icp ,

Just a quick question: when can we expect the official SNS .yaml file to be provided?


Once he’s done forking the repo I sent him for his token swap.

Hi, great article, i have 3 questions pls:

1. Technical Implementation: How does the SNS DAO utilize ICP’s features for decentralized governance, specifically in terms of technical integration and execution?

2. Community Involvement: Could you detail the mechanisms that ensure community involvement in governance decisions, especially concerning tokenomics adjustments and project direction?

3. Security Measures: With the transfer of canister control to the NNS, what security measures are in place to safeguard against unauthorized access or malicious proposals within the DAO structure?

Thank you,

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This is an extremely weird angle to have.

So by dropping a token to nft holders you have came to the conclusion that this is all about two people on twitter?

I do not think there will be common ground with the people on this forum but I do hope you are able to understand ICP is a permissionless platform that includes the ability to propose sns sales. You are free to launch whatever you want.


I fully support this! Building a strong SNS DAO for Motoko is crucial if we want to keep pushing the boundaries with Motoko Ghosts, Mechs, and the upcoming Sentinels. This DAO empowers the community, fosters long-term growth, and ensures transparency in how we build the future of Motoko together!

Without DAO we are limited to few things we can push as a community. Also I want to say that guy ICPInvestor was spreading fud in the Motoko Ghosts Community Discord and I don’t think anyone can him take seriously.


These are great questions.

Can @Accumulating.icp address them please.

In my opinion this is not just a good idea, but a necessary thing. Motoko is a symbol of the Internet computer ecosystem. Development and control of the brand is necessary and will be useful to the system. In addition, this is a good business, it seems to me that you need to manage not only the name and colors of the brand, but also the image of the ghost, since many create clones and try to use their projects under motoko. Good luck!

I don’t think any developer is gonna listen to rules of a dao run by a couple of twitter influencers on what they can and can’t do with an open source computer language anthropomorphized as a ghost

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and where is it stated in the description of the dao that they are going to control the programming language? As I understand it, we are talking about brand marketing. A programming language is a technical aspect that is beyond the dao.


What is a motoko ghost? Certainly it wasn’t conceived as a token? Who holds the majority lp of the current motoko token? Who started the initial lp? What is the wallet address?


I really don’t want to get involved in this drama, but I already made a comment about it in another thread and so I may as well post it here:

Thanks @aiv however @Accumulating.icp has completely deserted this thread also and will not answer any questions regarding the SNS. Please find @SamDrissi for example.