Proposal to create an SNS DAO for DONGE

Dfinity Donkey (DONGE) community is planning to launch an SNS with the aim to become fully Decentralised. We are a community that decided to work for the development of the Internet computer.

In our quest to establish a DAO for DONGE, we have carefully considered various options and have determined that the SNS will be an excellent fit. The SNS will provide a solid foundation for the governance and management of the DONGE token and its ecosystem.

Through this strategic move, we entrust the leadership and governance of DONGE to our valued community members, relinquishing control in favor of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This empowers every individual to actively contribute to the project’s direction and success.

Join us in shaping a new era of decentralization and community-driven innovation. Participate in the exciting journey of DONGE and be a key part of its future!

We are seeking zero ICP from community fund. The entire fund raised through SNS will be used for creating LP.

DONGE Foundation:

We created DONGE Foundation which aims to coordinate promotional activities like cross chain airdrops, events etc. to bring more people and liquidity into the IC ecosystem. We will work with different communities to do the same.

Proposed Token Distribution

There will be a total supply of 100 Billion of DONGE tokens

42% will be reserved for SNS treasury & DONGE Foundation which will be under the control of DONGE SNS DAO, Out of this 15% will be reserved for DONGE foundation. This can be used for promoting Internet computer & Internet computer ecosystem, small grants to promising projects etc.
30% will be allocated to decentralized sale, The funds collected from sale will be used for LP creation which will be added through DAO proposals.
2% will be allocated to the team.
20% will go to an airdrop pool which will airdrop to current DONGE (DIP20) holders.
6% will airdrop to Difinity Donkey NFT holders.

For more details about allocation please read our token paper


Each decentralized sale participant will receive tokens in a basket of 3 equal value neurons with a 2 month dissolve delay, The first neuron will dissolve immediately and remaining will be in 2,4 months respectively.
The NFT holders will receive their tokens in a basket of 4 neurons, The first neuron will dissolve immediately and the remaining each with a dissolve delay of 3 months but with a vesting period of 2,4,6 months.
There will be 1:1 airdrop to all existing DONGE holders post SNS launch.
Team will receive tokens in a neuron with a dissolve delay of 1 year.
Tokens under the DONGE foundation will be in a single neuron with a dissolve delay of 1 year.

Decentralization Sale

Max to be raised: 50000 ICP
Min to be raised: 10000 ICP
From community fund (CF): 0 ICP
Min participation: 1 ICP
Max participation: 1000 ICP
Min participants: 100

DONGE Canisters

Dfinity Donkey NFT Canister: qjwjm-eaaaa-aaaah-qctga-cai
DONGE Token (DIP20) canister: djjfs-tyaaa-aaaak-qagtq-cai

Governance Parameters:

Min staking amount: 1000000 DONGE
Proposal fee: 100,000 DONGE
Transaction fee: 10 DONGE
Max staking period: 1 Year
Voting rewards: 2% of DONGE tokens distributed from treasury
Max staking bonus: 1.25x
Max age bonus: 6 Months


No more memes, thank you


Why? This coin rugpulled a year ago


Kindly check our community we have been active in discord since inception and every updates are posted and discussion are also been there

we have delivered what we promised and team have never rugged any of the team allocation

We are the 1st one to release a DIP 20/IS 20 meme token
and now we are moving to SNS after long discussions in our group

I am a part of their community since an year. They are genuine and i think you got wrong info. However I agree to the point that do we need more MemeTokens?

Donge great project can’t wait

Thank you for the interest in SNS. I would encourage you to look at the SNS Checklist: Internet Computer Loading.

  1. Do you have a whitepaper?
  2. Can you provide any information on the team?
  3. Do you have a roadmap?
  4. Do you have any open source code?
  5. Can you provide any timeline on testing dapp operations and conducting a testflight?

No. Its a MEME COIN dear.

Enough is enough. This is not funny anymore.

One meme coin is enough.



[posted on July 20 ]
An answer to many of the question

To go for SNS is not something which came all of a sudden

we have plans for the DAO since inspection and we where the 1st to come up with a meme token in IS 20/ DIP 20 standard

we had finalised the decision for SNS after months of discussion and finalisation on well defined token economics and plans to engage with multiple projects in IC

@donge Do you have any updates on this SNS proposal?

These are the important questions here.