The Internet Computer should allow canisters to control ICP neurons

The neurons haven’t been created yet.
There are 2 OpenChat SNS proposals currently live which if adopted will each create an NNS neuron.
Once those neurons are created we can publicise the Ids.
We would also like to turn one of them (the 8 year one) into a named neuron.
This hasn’t been fully decided by the OpenChat community yet but its likely these neurons will follow Dfinity for all topics except ‘Governance’, ‘SNS & Neuron Funds’ and ‘Network Economics’.
For those 3 topics, we will automate the creation of an SNS proposal for each NNS proposal and the OpenChat neurons will vote based on the outcome of each NNS proposal’s corresponding SNS proposal.

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The 2 proposals have passed and the 2 neurons have been created :partying_face:

They currently only have stakes of 1 ICP and zero dissolve delay but we will submit proposals to increase their dissolve delays to 6 months and 8 years respectively, configure their following, and top them up with more ICP.


Just saying the OpenChat dashboard should be updated to display the neurons that the treasury controls. This info is currently missing. Maybe one day most icp in SNS treasuries will be handled this way

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Why would you risk the whole treasury in ICP? Thats pure insanity from a treasury management perspective.

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What do you mean by ‘risk the treasury’?

See the proposal details here - OpenChat Proposal: 492 - ICP Dashboard

Enough ICP is being left liquid to maintain OpenChat for at least ~2 years (provided ICP price doesn’t crash significantly).

Exactly. This can depend on the entire market btw as all prices are correlated, it doesnt have to involve ICP going to shit. Are you keeping 100% of your own money in ICP?

Am not calling out open chat, do whatever you want. Simply saying that it might not be such a great idea to bet your entire business on ICPs price.

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OpenChat’s treasury is made up of ICP and CHAT.

If we don’t stake some ICP into neurons we’re still reliant on the price of ICP not crashing.

By staking some of the ICP it means that we will have more ICP available overall and so are more resilient to price drops.

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So wait for stablecoins. No, do whatever you want. I just dont think its worth breaking the time aspect of staking just so people can earn yield from insane treasury management practices.

Hi Hamish,

I don’t know rust, but I think I can make out roughly how you got it working and it’s a pretty cool but hacky looking solution (I understand it has to be - due to the restrictions). Correct me if wrong but it looks like the canister talks to the neuron via the off chain ic-api:

request_url: format!("{IC_URL}/api/v2/canister/{nns_governance_canister_id}/call"),

This is a limitation right? If tommorow the api goes down - the canister can’t communicate with it anymore. That would mean the neuron and the funds are stuck?

Just wondering if you considered this and how would openchat get control back of the neuron if that happens (if it can happen).

That sends the request via an HTTP out call to the boundary nodes.

If the boundary node url changes for any reason that’s still fine, we’ll just need to update the canister to point to the new url.


You can view the full neuron details here -

These details will be refreshed every 24 hours.