The "Goodwill ICP" Distribution Framework

This is the most frustrating thing about this…you can already do this! But dfinity won’t add back the functionality into the NNS UI. It is extraordinarily frustrating. You can give a charity, or anyone really, control of your neuron. If this is an 8-year staked neuron, there isn’t anything evil that they can do to you…you maintain control and can kick them off anytime you want. It is called the “manage neuron topic” and dfinity could enable it back with one line of code. If you are a hacker you can get it to work now(see the dedicate a neuron topic on

It sounds like “Good Will ICP” is just one in which you HAVE to take this action or no maturity is earned.

This would also be a ten-line implementation where you can only assign manage neurons from these to non-profit neurons.

Did you know: Each neuron has a non-profit field? I don’t know how to get this bit flipped or I’d do it for ICDevs. But the field is already there…and non-profits are the only neurons that can re-assign their controller.