Taxation without representation?

Once upon a time there was a guy who was the biggest CEO on the streets :sweat_smile:. One day while he was in the trenches, he ran across a discussion about taxes on online forums. To give a broader view on the long term effects on TAX REFORMS, he asked his readers to take consideration to the following scenarios.

Two men went to pray; one a tax collector the other one a Pharisee. The Pharisee while praying, thanked God that he was not like robbers, adulterates and definitely not like the tax collector who was across from him. On the other hand the tax collector would not even look up at the heavens and prayed for mercy for he was a sinner. More of this story is told in the Bible in Luke Chapter 18 verse 9 to 14.

What connection does this story have to the premise above on taxation without representation? Hang tight, let’s take a look at another story.

Luke chapter 19 verse 1 to 10 tells of another story I would like to highlight. In the story, Jesus talks about a man named Zacchaeus who surprisingly not, was a chief tax collector. After meeting Jesus, Zacchaues agreed to pay half of his possessions to the poor and pay four times to the people he had cheated.

Without pointing fingers, it seems that the proposal raised not too long ago is carefully worded, and amongst many things, is more about the loopholes that might exist in different jurisdictions on paying taxes. Taxes are however paid on a timely manner in different jurisdictions and are a personal/ an individual matter.

The laws that are being created if not carefully crafted would in the long run negatively impact the stock market which in the west is a measure of how strong the economy is. Majority of wealth in today’s society is liquid stock positions which are not taxable. If maturity can be taxed, a case might be made to tax stakes on stocks in a certain period of time. This would likely result in people avoiding to buy stocks or if they have positions in place, massively sell enmasse to avoid taking a loss. Such impact can spark shock waves across the board that can disrupt the world as we know of it today.


Good points, but you forgot to link the proposal here for context.

Can you post a link please?